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M. F. Luder
18 February 1983
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My name is M. F. Luder, a nickname which I took almost twenty years ago, when X-Files first took over my life. The show ended, but the nickname, for me, not quite. S. D. Lucly is an anagram of D. Scully, and if you get the mfluder reference, then you'll get sdlucly. *g*

My life revolves around the fandoms I love, the shows I can't help but follow, my friends that put up with me, my family that loves me beyond measure, and a job I adore. It's, god, it's amazing, to enjoy what you do, even if sometimes it makes you want to kill yourself, or your coworkers. It's amazing, and I hope everyone can have that.

I'm in love with the idea of falling in love. Weird, but true.

I know I have only one passion, and that's writing. Because even though I love my career, I don't think I could ever stop writing. I fill find other fandoms as time goes by, and I will change styles probably, and I will trade one pairing for the next, or share them all, but I could never stop writing. I write for the pleasure and for the closure. I write when I'm elated and when I can barely breath. I write, because I know there's no way I can stop doing it.

Fandoms: The OC, my most productive fandom, ever. Hawaii 5-0 because that's my happy place, and Steve is so in love with Danny he has no idea what to do with it, White Collar, because apparently I also do threesomes (who knew), Supernatural because incest is okay as long as it's Wincest and because they are screwed up in ways not humanly possible, Stargate: SG-1, because Jack and Daniel are forever, love. Stargate: Atlantis, because, God, how can I resist brilliant scientist who scream their face off when they are angry as when they are happy and flyboys who have hair like that? *g* CSI, because my muses seem to love geeky and utter clever CSIs, like Grissom. Harry Potter, once, a long time ago. The Sentinel, again, once, a long time ago. Smallville, a few times, back when Lex wasn't evil (did he turn evil or not? I didn't stick around to watch) and Clark was nice and pretty and they were so very in love.

Copyright comment: Original pictures from all my Sophie icons are copyright of hortongrou. That's her daughter, and in the site info it says that "I may use the image: To decorate your home, your office or any public place" which is pretty much what I'm doing. I'm making gen icons with the idea that that girl looks exactly like the Sophie Cohen I imagined. Just thought I should put it here. *nods*

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CSI mood by adelate, who, once upon a time, made this amazing mood.
Hawaii 5-0 by bananners, who totally rocks for giving me more Danny and Steve, every single day.

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