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"The OC" Master List

Updated: July 29th, 2010

Having in mind the whole "making a search easier", I thought that a compile post could do just that. *g*

I have to say, though, to add, that I do love the tags that are linked on the left side of the journal. They make things easier, if you're not looking for an old short story. If you want to find a series, perfect, tags are your thing. But short stories? Hmm. I myself at times have trouble finding them. *g* Ergo, this post.

You can also find me in my webpage: http://mfluder.zeenell.com/


The way things are
pre-slash | set after "The Heartbreak" | unfinished | Warning: mpreg
"I'm pregnant."

hurt/comfort, pre-slash | up to season one | unfinished | 100,000 words
But Seth keeps on reading, like a car crash you can't keep your eyes off, and when he turns the page with the tips of his fingers, Ryan catches sight of the red Toyota two hundred miles from Newport. Only, Seth doesn't know this. Seth doesn't see the car cutting off the bus on the freeway, or the bus driver hitting the brakes a second too late.

Return to form
first time | post season finale | finished | 5,000 words
Seth left for Tahiti, without him

Going down
first time | AU "The Outsider" | finished | 15,000 words | First Annual Missing Scene Challenge
It's not that Ryan doesn't trust Seth. It's more like Seth doesn't know guys like Donnie, and Donnie doesn't exactly know kids like Seth

Magical Fire
pre-slash | AU "The Pilot" | unfinished | 28,000 words
Mr. R. Atwood, The Bed in the Right Side of the Room, 17 Etter Street, Chino, Orange County. California.

Look over here
torture of character, pre-slash, angst | finished | 55,000 words
"He's quite the clever little boy, isn't he?"

character torture, angst, dark | season two | finished | 42,000 words
"Beautiful. So beautiful."

Of paper hearts
pre-slash, het | season two | finished | 39,500 words
one | two | three
There's history between Ryan and Seth. History Lindsay might never know. History she might not want to know

The better version
AU to four chapters of season one | finished | 13,000 words
one | two | three | four
"Smart kid like you. You got to have a plan. Some kind of a dream."

Too much
AU to "The Truth" | season one | unfinished | 10,000 words
"Oliver, put the gun down, man."

For the wait
established relationship | future fic | unfinished | 11,000 words
I loved long and long / and grew to be out of fashion / like an old song / all through the years of our youth

For the wait
Seth will always wait for Ryan.

Sleep to dream
To sit together, to be, to ponder. To love.

Come on closer
NC-17. To look at you and see you in a grain of sand.

"It's your thing," Ryan says as they walk silently out of the store and to the parking lot. "It's your thing. You, not me."

drama, future fic, first time, character torture | season four | finished | 100,000 words
The answer comes in chopped words, brief sentences, at least that Ryan hears. Progressive disease, inherited eye disease that affects the retina, no cure as of now, gradual degeneration of the rods and cones, loss of peripheral vision and photosensitivity.

A Shadow Across
au, drama, future fic, first time, character torture | all seasons | unfinished | +90,000 words
The sky is light blue, and tinged with thick clouds as Ryan tilts his head back, hand shielding his eyes

Short Stories

At end
first time, future fic | 1'700 words | April, 2004
Ryan doesn't know if he can stand four more years of this, of playing dutiful brother to Seth, of pretending to be best friend and best friend only

first time | 400 words | pg-13 | April, 2004
He surprises you by standing there, in middle of the pool house when you turn around

Not alone
future fic, established relationship | 1'000 words | pg-13 | April, 2004
Ryan remembers Sandy and Kirsten

So much more
first time | 1'000 words | April, 2004 | pg-13
He knows about puppy love

established relationship | 1'400 words | pg-13 | April, 2004
"Do you want to play?"

established relationship | 1'000 words | r | April, 2004
There is a small post-it, faded away from the years that say, "Don't get too bored. Love you."

All I want is everything
established relationship | 2'400 words | pg-13 | April, 2004 | for The Song title Challenge
"What? It's not like I wear tight wifebeaters and open shirts over them, to attract the ladies. I'm very happy as a taken man."

Force of nature
first time| 1'200 words | pg-13 | May, 2004
He wishes he had a right to ask Ryan

Anybody listening?
first time | 2'100 words | pg-13 | May, 2004 | for The Song title Challenge
He does a little dance, just a twirl and a jump, the moment he's out of the house.

To believe
Category: Drabble

Not changing
Category: Drabble

first time | 1'000 words | pg-13 | May, 2004 | for The Song title Challenge
Seth sees the way Ryan turns away when Anna kisses his cheek as a greeting.

For your smile
established relationship | 1'000 words | pg-13 | May, 2004
He always surprises you. You like that about him.

Out to get him
first time | 1'000 words | pg-13 | May, 2004
Seth believes this is a conspiracy against him.

Let me touch you
established relationship, future fic | 1'000 words | nc-17 | May, 2004
Ryan lets out a soft sigh, left hand under the pillow, eyes wide as he lies down on their bed.

first time, Marissa's pov | 800 words | pg-13 | May, 2004
It's all in the way they handle each other.

Two seconds
first time | 1'500 words | pg-13 | June, 2004
Ryan's leaving.

Autumn leaves
first time | 1'100 words | pg-13 | post "The Nana | June, 2004
Something so right can't be wrong

Taking over
first time | 800 words | pg-13 | June, 2004
Life can change in a minute.

In my mind
first time | 1'600 words | pg-13 | June, 2004
It's Valentine's Day

As it is
first time | 700 words | pg-13 | July, 2004
Normality has never been for him.

Sweet pain
first time | 2'400 words | pg-13 | July, 2004 | for The Song title Challenge
Ryan is used to the pain.

first time, Theresa's pov | 1'200 words | pg-13 | Post "The ties that bind" | July, 2004
Theresa crosses her arms on top of her belly.

My own
established relationship, future fic | 600 words | pg-13 | July, 2004
Seth feels like he's always been competing.

Never as it seems
first time | 1'000 words | pg-13 | July, 2004
Ryan likes Anna, just doesn't want to end up hating her.

And I see you
first time, AU | 8'600 words | pg-13 | August, 2004 | for The Zodiac Challenge: Leo (Different Meeting)
From this angle, Ryan can see his face. He's got dark brown curls that fall in an arranged mess and a comfortable and reluctant smile that make the corners of Ryan's lips twist upwards.

At lost
pre-slash | 800 words | pg-13 | August, 2004
Ryan never knew it could hurt like this.

established relationship | 1'200 words | pg-13 | August, 2004
Seth tells himself he will not cringe.

first time | 800 words | pg-13 | August, 2004 | for 15minuteficlets. word #66: devoted
Ryan and Marissa, in the pool house. Fighting.

For once
pre-slash | 1'200 words | pg-13 | Post "The ties that bind" | August, 2004 | Sequel "Not good enough"
He can still hear Kirsten's voice. "Ryan, he's gone. He's gone."

Not enough
pre-slash | 1'000 words | pg-13 | Post "The ties that bind" | September, 2004 | Sequel to "For once"
He doesn't have words to offer Ryan

Ring of fire
first time | 5'200 words | pg-13 | September, 2004 | for The Zodiac Challenge: Virgo (Titles Challenge)
I like you calm, as if you were absent, and you hear me far-off, and my voice does not touch you.

first time | 2'300 words | pg-13 | September, 2004 | for The Zodiac Challenge: Libra (First Line Challenge)
He fell instantly in love, and he'd never believed in love at first sight.

Not by my side
pre-slash time | 600 words | pg-13 | Post "The ties that bind" | October, 2004
Ryan takes off his yellow helmet, scratching his sweaty forehead

To know
first time | 1'000 words | pg-13 | October, 2004 | for 15minuteficlets. word #65: impression
It was the first impression that did him.

first time | 5'200 words | pg-13 | Post "The Ties That Bind" | October, 2004 | for
I like you calm, as if you were absent, and you hear me far-off, and my voice does not touch you.

Eyes open
established relationship, Marissa's pov | 2'100 words | pg-13 | October, 2004
She watches Ryan walking across the room, Seth by his side.

pre-slash, second pov | 1'300 words | pg-13 | "The Ties That Bind" | November, 2004
You dock at a pier because you're tired, yeah, and thirsty, and you can feel your shirt sticking to your back, you've been sweating so much.

No rush
pre-slash | 600 words | pg-13 | December, 2004 | Sequel: No delay
Ryan sighs, riding his bike slowly, in no rush to get home today. Seth's not with him.

No delay
first time | 2'300 words | pg-13 | spoilers for "The Way We Were" | February, 2005 | Sequel to: No rush
"We could have gone to my place." That's Zach.

Four Chrismukka drabbles:

1. Here and there
2. Backup
3. Home
4. Looking up -- (gen fic, though it feels more pre-slash than gen)

first time | 1'000 words | pg-13 | January, 2005 | for 15minuteficlets. word #60: parenting
Theresa is like Dawn.

pre-slash | 700 words | pg-13 | January, 2005 | written as an statement
You watch his lips move, the way the corner of his upper lip twitches when he says a long word. You smile.

pre-slash | 1'200 words | r | spoilers for "The Ties that Bind" | January, 2005 | for firstlines1000 and Challenge #23
Seth sits down next to Ryan. "You okay?" He asks quietly.

first time | 1'000 words | pg-13 | Spoilers for "The Way we Were" | February, 2005
"In case you have any other ideas"

first time | 1'000 words | pg-13 | February, 2005 | for picfor1000
First, there were three.

Atwood-Cohen: A history
first time, future fic | 7'200 words | r | March, 2005 | for l_vera01
Seth leans forward, his lips touching Ryan's hesitantly at first.

pre-slash, first time | 2'300 words | pg-13 | AU to "The New Era" | March, 2005
She wouldn't understand him.

Hiding out
pre-slash | Ryan/OC, Ryan/Seth | 3'700 words | nc-17 | March, 2005
"I know who they are, Willy, you fruit." Ryan rolls his eyes, winking in the boys' direction.

Songs about Jane
pre-slash, first time, established relationship | Ryan/Lindsay, Seth/Alex, Ryan/Seth | 3'200 words | nc-17 | March, 2005 | Written for Maroon 5, "Songs about Jane"
"Dude, dude. Ryan, wait up, please."

first time | 1'500 words | nc-17 | season two | March, 2005
They sit in the lounge of the school, coffees in their hands.

Perfect blue
first time | 1'000 words | pg-13 | AU to "The New Era" | April, 2005
"It's not happening," Ryan says after a moment, shrugging as he does so.

Our distance and that person
pre-slash | 800 words | pg-13 | AU to "The Distance" | April, 2005
That's not Ryan.

The moon
first time | 2'00 words | nc-17 | "The Mallpisode" | May, 2005
You hurt for him. You don't know how you can, but you do.

Technology of Concrete I
future fic, established relationship | 3'500 words | pg-13 | May, 2005
"My name is Ryan Atwood and I'll be your professor for Technology of Concrete I."

future fic, established relationship | 3'500 words | pg-13 | May, 2005 | For The OC Sentence Fiction Challenge
Seth snorts. "Right, and you look like you've spent the last two days without sleeping because it's the new look? Dude. No way. What happened?"

Looking forward to
first time | 5'300 words | pg-13 | AU to "The Power of Love" | November, 2005 | For Second Annual Missing Scene Challenge
"You. Are so screwed."

The end of light
pre-slash, angst | 2'200 words | pg-13 | AU to "The Risky Business" | November, 2005
"Well, you're gonna need a wing man."

angst | 1'500 words | r | beginning season three | December, 2005
Seth's hand moves to Ryan's cheek before he brings their lips together, and he pushes Ryan against the wall, pinning him, hands roaming his body

Dangerous Games
angst, romance, drabbles | 4'800 words | nc-17 | season three | December, 2005 | for a meme
But this is different.

Hanging by a second
future fic, established relationship | 2'800 words | r | January, 2006 | brandywine421's Table of Death
He's wearing black shirt and black suit. All black. It seems to fit his mood.

For the colors that aren't there
pre-slash | 1'300 words | pg-13 | set beginning season two | February, 2006
This one will be better.

You and me
first time | 1'600 words | pg-13 | "The Game Plan" | February, 2006
Hey. Hey. Do you want to play?

Walking away
first time, angst | 8'000 words | nc-17 | AU to "The Anger Management" | February, 2006
Heather smirks. "Oh, but he might let his boyfriend do his fighting for him. I hear they are close."

Hang on
first time | 1'800 words | r | "The Pot Stirrer" | March, 2006
moments in time when he was really happy

Orange Sky
first time | 3'200 words | pg-13 | "The Journey" | April, 2006 | for brandywine421's The Picture Challenge
Ryan sighs, leaning forward against the wooden railing at the pier.

Days go by
future fic, character torture, angst | 7'400 words | r | "The Game Plan"
He chuckles, and it's easy to smile hearing Ryan's voice, hearing him breathe and almost seeing him sitting in the study of his apartment, books on his desk, notebook opened as well as the laptop.

To come undone
future fic, first time | 3'700 words | pg-13 | March, 2006
when was the last time he saw Seth, anyway?

Falling down
first time | 1'700 words | pg-13 | "The Game Plan" | May, 2006
I love you, Ryan can hear Seth say in his mind.

Somewhere in between
first time, future fic | 9'00 words | pg-13 | "The Pot Stirrer" | June, 2006
Berkley's Civil Engineering Building, Davis Hall, isn't really that far away from Wheeler Hall.

Twenty-one things you didn't know about Seth Cohen
pre-slash | 2'700 words | pg-13 | "The Graduates" | June, 2006
Seth never told Ryan this.

Twenty-one things you didn't know about Ryan Atwood
pre-slash | 3'100 words | pg-13 | "The Graduates" | June, 2006
Ryan will always remember.

Somebody else
established relationship, Summer's pov | 1'900 words | pg-13 | "The Sister Act" | June, 2006
And really, she's not pissed off, not at all, maybe; just maybe, a little bit angry because it's one thing that they parted their ways, amicably, on Valentine's Day and it's another thing entirely for her to find out that the idiot of her ex-boyfriend has been seeing someone.

Empty Space
first time, future fic, angst | 13'500 words | pg-13 | "The Graduates" | July, 2006 | For The Third Annual OC Sentence Fiction Challenge
Ryan sighs, glancing around the small room. His dorm room. In Berkeley.

first time | 4'100 words | pg-13 | July, 2006
It could be like this, just like this, always.

Into the fire
established relationship, future fic, angst| 2'800 words | pg-13 | July, 2006
The sound's deafening, around him, over him, seeming to seep into his very being, and it only lasts two heartbeats.

established relationship, future fic | 3'600 words | pg-13 | August, 2006 | The First OC Slash Community Challenge
"Samantha, I swear to God, if you're not ready in one minute, I'm leaving without you!"

All in all
established relationship, future fic | 2'500 words | r | September, 2006
His throat feels raw and his head aches, hell, everything about him fucking aches.

There but for the grace of God
pre-slash, angst | 3'000 words | r | "The Graduates"| September, 2006
Seth blinks, and when he opens his eyes, the sky behind Ryan comes into focus.

To the feel of skin
pre-slash, angst | 3'000 words | r | "The Graduates"| September, 2006
Seth blinks, and when he opens his eyes, the sky behind Ryan comes into focus.

future fic, established relationship, pre-slash | 12'200 words | nc-17 | October, 2006
"I will wait for you."

In the Shadow of Lone Gunmen
pre-slash, angst | 3'700 words | r | "The College Try" | October, 2006 | The Advent Calendar of Season four
"What are you looking at, geek?"

The Torment of Tantalus
pre-slash, angst | 3'100 words | pg-13 | "The Game Plan" | November, 2006 | The Third Annual Missing Scene Challenge
Ryan knows of many things, and the one he's most familiar with is loss.

first time | 1'400 words | pg-13 | "The Graduates" | December, 2006
Seth wills himself to breathe in through his mouth, let it out slowly, and tells himself that Ryan's stronger than this. Stronger than him.

With the movement of the tide
first time, future fic | 800 words | pg-13 | January, 2007
This is his life, and he likes it.

The Study of Consolidation
first time | 5'200 words | r | AU to "The College Try" | January, 2007
She closes her eyes briefly, like it hurts her to have to say this, "I thought you'd be with Ryan by now."

In the light of her eyes
first time, future fic | 15'600 words | r | "The Graduates" | January, 2007 | for l_vera01
Kirsten blinks, her left hand curling tighter around the blueprints. Mrs. Herrera has a child, a little girl no older than two, held protectively against her chest, baby bag over her shoulder.

The end has only begun
pre-slash | 1'400 words | pg-13 | "The Avengers" | February, 2007
Seth's sitting on the futon when Ryan pushes the door open.

In the absence of love
first time | 3'700 words | pg-13 | season one | March, 2007 | The Zodiac Challenge: Virgo (Titles Challenge)
There's something so very natural about this, about being here with Seth, just looking at one another and smiling.

Davis Hall
first time, future fic | 1'000 words | pg-13 | "The Night Moves" | March, 2007 | for picfor1000
Brown had never made sense, not like Berkeley.

Empty Rooms
future fic | 4'000 words | pg-13 | season two | April, 2007
It's late and he should forget about it for the day, but Seth isn't back yet and the bed feels too empty without him.

Grace Under Pressure
established relationship, future fic | 2'700 words | pg-13 | August, 2007
Seth glances at the clock, out of desperation almost, because on morning like these -- meaning every single school day -- time seems to rush through his fingers

Walking Down These Darkened Halls
future fic, angst | 5'00 words | pg-13 | August, 2007
Ryan opens the French doors and walks into kitchen, hand still holding on the doorknob

future fic, au | 3'000 words | pg-13 | August, 2007
Seth parks his sedan behind Ryan's Range Rover, pausing for a second

The things I already know
future fic, first time | 26'000 words | pg-13 | August, 2007 | For the Fourth Annual Sentence Fiction Challenge
Kirsten's cell, it says, and he blinks at the liquid screen for a second

The last to know
future fic, first time | 11'000 words | pg-13 | October, 2007
Ryan sighs, looking down at his watch, and it's two minutes to one

As Everything Turns Black
au | 2'500 words | pg-13 | January, 2008 | Part of the Too Much universe
"Oliver, put the gun down, man."

In The Blink of an Eye
au | 2'400 words | pg-13 | February, 2008 | Part of the Too Much universe
September, 2006

Porewater Pressure
pre-slash, het | 3'300 words | nc-17 | February, 2008 | For 60schic
He sits down on the edge of the bed to take off his socks, when he notices he's not sitting on his comforter alone.

August of 2003
au, drama, me being weird | 5'800 words | pg-13 | March, 2008 |
His bed is in a weird angle

An Afternoon in the Life
future fic, established relationship | 3'300 words | pg-13 | March, 2008 | for popmusickjunkie
Ryan parks the car in the driveway, not two minutes before six

Common Ground
future fic, drama | 6'100 words | pg-13 | March, 2008 | sequel to Grace Under Pressure
Ryan picks up the phone on the second ring

future fic | 1'800 words | pg-13 | April, 2008
The wind picks up as the sun starts moving to its resting place, turning harsh and cold

It can't always be so clear
episode related, pre-slash, het | 3'000 words | nc-17 | July, 2008 | For the Season 4 Missing Scene Challenge and "The Summer Bummer"

Nobody said it ws easy
pre-slash | 1'400 words | pg-13 | July, 2008
Seth stops answering the phone four months after he leaves for Providence

Fill in the blanks
future fic | 1'100 words | r | July, 2008 | sequel, Fill in the blanks, II
"How many times do I have to say it, I'm not doing your personnel spreadsheets for you."

And this is the moment
future fic | 2'300 words | pg-13 | July, 2008
"You're watching him again."

A New Start
pre-slash, het | 5'200 words | pg-13 | July, 2008
His heart beats wildly in his chest

Fill in the blanks, II
future fic | 1'100 words | r | August, 2008 | sequel to Fill in the blanks
Seth's doing the dishes because he's long ago learned that they won't do themselves

Under a blackened sky
pre-slash | 2'000 words | pg-13 | August, 2008
Seth rolls over in bed, covering his eyes with one hand

In the second we are judged
pre-slash, drama, AU | 5'800 words | pg-13 | October, 2009
The sun is high in the midmorning, Berkeley weather announcing it would be a sunny April day

Pancake Mix
pre-slash, drama, Ryan/OM | 1'000 words | NC-17 | January, 2010
in a bowl, combine--

Bright Blue
pre-slash, drama, Ryan/OM | 3'000 words | pg-13 | January, 2010 | sequel to Pancake Mix
Berkeley is bright and warm--

The Shadow of Solace
pre-slash, drama, Ryan/OM | 2'500 words | pg-13 | January, 2010 | sequel to Bright Blue
Providence weather doesn't let up--

That said, I hope this has helped and narrowed your search. Otherwise, feel free to post a comment and ask. *nods*


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Jul. 14th, 2006 02:59 am (UTC)
Sep. 9th, 2006 04:08 pm (UTC)
Too many? And god, I'm about three behind. Never got around to update THIS page. *sniff*
Dec. 5th, 2006 06:03 am (UTC)
I was wondering if you could help me. I'm looking for a story I read this summer and I'm pretty sure it was one of yours. But I can't remember the title. If you recognize the description I'd really appreciate it if you could point me toward it. I remember it was all written in one story but it was divided into a bunch of separate little scenes. Seth and Ryan are in college and it starts out with them not together but you really wouldn't know it by the way they act. I know theres one scene where I think Seth calls Ryan in class to tell him they've got to go help their friend get drunk that night becuse her and her boyfriend broke up. Theres another where Seth is sick and Ryan's all worried and taking care of him. And by the end one of their friends says something implying that theyre together and it gets them to thinking. So by the end they are together. I know that's a long description but I wanted to tell you all I can remember. If this is one of yours, please help me find it. I'd love to read it again. Thanks.
Dec. 6th, 2006 11:34 pm (UTC)
You're right, it's one of mine. *g* It's called "Somewhere in between".


I hope you enjoy reading it again. *huggles*
Mar. 6th, 2007 06:43 pm (UTC)
one of your stories i think?
i'm looking for a story i think its one of yours where ryan has a daughter and he has to bring her to class ?
Mar. 6th, 2007 09:54 pm (UTC)
Re: one of your stories i think?
Yes, one of mine. "In the light of her eyes" and Ryan takes care of his daughter after Theresa dies. *nods*


It has three parts. The first two are in that post. This next one:


Is part three. I had to divide them because it's too long to fit in one post. *g* I hope you like it once again in your second read. *g*
Dec. 21st, 2009 11:26 pm (UTC)
a sequel??
Hi,was wondering if you could point me in the right direction, i just read your story 'Yelling' and you made comments that there was a sequel called whispering, i just wondered if you had actually posted it and i'm just too silly to find it.

*Btw, Yelling was amazing, am now totally addicted to your stories*
Jan. 10th, 2010 08:38 pm (UTC)
Re: a sequel??
There's no actual sequel to Yelling, truth be told. I've been meaning to write it for years now, but I think I never will. That story, Yelling, was angsty enough as it is, and the sequel would be ten times worse, and I don't think I have it in me to write that, the aftermath of the rape.

Thanks for the comment!
Jan. 10th, 2010 01:06 pm (UTC)
Just wanted to tell you how amazing I think your stories are!

I haven't read all of them (yet) but you have a really good writing style. And you've set a certain standard for Ryan/Seth, at least for me ;-)

Jan. 10th, 2010 08:42 pm (UTC)
Thank you, I do have a thing for the boys. They are my boys. *g*

Awww, that's so nice of you. I fell in love with them at first sight, and haven't stopped writting since. I might not write now as much as I used to, but they are still my boys, you know?

Once again, thank you. That's so very kind of you.
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